As a licenced & professional escort agency, we offer a working spot on our quality selection of Escort Girls. If you believe that you can be an addition to our team, please be so kind to drop us a message. We have a great salary, selection of clients and high privacy offered for girls.

Please fill your application for work on the application form one inch under this post. We guarantee privacy and a personal intake under the supervision of a female owner. You can provide your own working times and we will make sure you have a personal driver & security.

Even tho we are opened 24 hours a day, this does not mean we expect girls to be available at such times. As written you can fill in your own working schedule and we will try to make it work as much as possible. Our application form can be found if you scroll a bit down.


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For a list of where we exactly work please see our page with rates - here you can find a good coverage on where we deliver. As a girl working for an escort agency you are not obligated to work in your own town or city. We will respect your choice and understand your wish for discretion.

Photo's are not a requirement but we can assure you that every meeting with clients would be better if they would get to see a glimpse of who you are. Any tattoo's or visible area's could be masked away. In a personal introduction we can tell you all the best facts.

Would you prefer to stay in touch by phone? Then please call our escort agency in between 16:00 and 22:00.